Overall my experience writing this blog has been positive. I’ve always loved cooking and my favorite part is the platting. This assignment has provided me with the opportunity to create recipes and better my photography skills. I definitely have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to photographing my food, but practice makes perfect so I’m glad I started.

The tools I found effective where the quick and easy way to add a hyperlink. I’ve found that hyperlinking is great for when you want to share more information within your post or when referring to another blogger.

The tools I did not find effective where the photo editing software we were suggested to use. As I mentioned before, I’m new to editing photos, so the basic editing on iPhoto works for me. I used for adding my initials for the slideshow post requirement, but I found it really tricky to work with for regular editing. In the future I would like to try more advanced software than iPhoto, but for now it will suffice.

If I continue this blog, first off,  I would definitely upgrade to my own domain. With that upgrade I will also choose a more unique layout and find a set style for the whole blog, which includes perhaps creating an original banner/logo.

Even if I don’t continue the blog, it was still great exposure to the basics of blogging, social media, and editing, which could pay off in the future if my career path takes me that way. I might even get to use some of my acquired skills, who knows?

As far as reach I’ve had little success, which is okay since it’s only been a month and I have a grand total of 15 Twitter followers. I’ve had to start from scratch as far as Twitter goes, so 15 is not too bad (over half, if not all are spam). I do have one subscriber (disclaimer: it’s my boyfriend and I made him do it). If I continue my blog I’ll definitely  put a lot of effort into increasing my social media presence to get the people subscribing!

My most popular day was June 17. I had a grad total of 14 views, 4 of which came from my Instagram, where I posted the picture of my dish and embedded the link to the blog in my bio.  I have around 250 followers on that, which is way better than 15 fake twitter account followers.The most surprising of the site stats data was that I had any views at all, since like I mentioned, my Twitter presence is in need of a little work.


Now time to graduate  (in a month) and enjoy my freedom.



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