Welcome to my blog.

I study nutrition at Texas State University, and when I’m not studying nutrition, I’m thinking about nutrition, and if I’m not thinking about nutrition, I’m probably eating. That’s all that I do. And I work at a restaurant, so there.

I love food. A lot. All kinds–except I’m kind of a vegetarian turned vegan turned vegetarian turned pescetarian so that’s not quite true. But I think you get the point, I put a lot of thought into what I put into my body, because, you’re literally what you eat. So tonight I’m a bowl of fettuccine alfredo, and that’s ok. It’s all about balance.

This blog will mainly talk about food and nutrition, because in fact that makes up 80% of fitness. The other 20% is just as important, so I’ll try to touch on that as well.

On my blog you’ll find recipes, tips, ideas, resources, and different perspectives on nutrition. So if you care about any of the above, this site is for you.

I’m gonna go eat now, thanks for reading!

Check out my favorite nutrition resource for a head start on living healthy.