Facts About Me

This is just a page with a little personal info about me.

  • I’m originally from California, but I’ve lived in Texas for 11 years now.
  • I’ve been meatless for 9 years
  • I have a German Shepherd/lab mix named JyraIMG_0171.JPG
  • I’m a chocoholic
  • I love strawberries
  • I love Italian food
  • I love to ride my bike, paddle board, surf,snowboard,  rock climb, and hike
  • I would love to start a garden

NUTRITION: I chose nutrition as my  major when I started to get into fitness 5 years ago. I’m still not where I want to be, but I’ve definitely enjoyed the journey (which includes meeting my soulmate at the gym of all places). I don’t know that there is an exact science to what we should and shouldn’t eat–no one in this industry seems to be in agreement, and some of the guidelines set by the government are clearly tied to money. My current viewpoint is that you should eat whatever makes you feel good and full of energy. For me, thats adopting a mostly plant based diet with occasional dairy.One of my influences is Beauty is Wellness, which inspired me to fill my plate with fruits and vegetables.

TRAVEL: I would love to travel all across North America. There are plenty of outdoor adventures on our side of the continent. After that, I would also like to venture overseas, maybe to Ireland or Tahiti or Australia. I would also like to go to Italy to enjoy authentic Italian food, I mean the sights will be cool, but I’m gonna be honest, I’m going for the food.